Postnatal Training

Postnatal Personal Training in London

Firstly congratulations on your new addition to the family!

Now you’re probably visiting me here to see how to we can get your body back to what it once was or how to make it even better – better than before all those NCT classes! Your body has been through a traumatic experience and we need to work on reconnecting the abdominal tissue (along the linea alba) before we begin any high intensity work outs.

This for many women is the frustrating bit. They have the all clear from the doctors and want to jump right into a HIIT class. Many women do suffer from a degree of Diastasis (abdominal separation) and a HIIT class in nearly all cases I see is the long term goal.

I work with women to restore the connective tissue in the core zone. I help them to make a connection between their core muscles and mind using controlled breathing techniques. Once the transverse abdomens (inner core) is engaged and pelvic floor activated we can start to build on outer core (i.e. the six pack muscles) and obliques. I take an inside out approach, because we need these foundations to build on to speed up recovery and normality. Its important we work in this way, to avoid any further separation or even slow down the restorative process through high impact exercise. One step at a time.

I can help take you through the journey from post natal and bring you back to the fitness levels you were used to before your precious doll came into the World. Like with anything you do, the work you put in will reflect in your results and with exercise your energy levels will naturally rocket. Patience however is key, I ensure I will get your fitness levels back to where you were, safely and ensure you can maintain these.

Often Mums ask me for help with their wardrobes. After having a baby they feel they need to adapt their wardrobe to reflect this new phase in their life. There is no etiquette required! As a reward after getting back into shape I offer an additional service with a wardrobe consultation so you feel totally fabulous. Because yes, you do deserve it!

Obviously being a new mum challenges your free time, I’m happy to work around your time constraints and family commitments, visiting you in your home or in a park nearby. I’m flexible to work around you and your timetable.

Example postnatal personal fitness services:

  • Body sculpting and toning
  • Weight loss

I am currently working in South West London and West London.

I train clients and organise workshops in most areas of West and South West London including: Clapham, Chiswick, Richmond, Putney, Wimbledon, Parsons Green, Fulham, Wandsworth, Chelsea, Notting Hill, Kensington, Shepherds Bush, Mayfair, Holland Park in peoples homes, parks, studios and workplace.

I am happy to travel to close areas (as mobile on the bike!) and cater to small groups too. My clients range from busy professionals to people who have flexible hours or are making the choice to change.

Get in touch to discuss you personal fitness goals today! Introduction packages available.

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Postnatal personal training
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Annabel Kukulski is a qualified personal trainer in West London offering postnatal personal training and exercise for weight loss and toning,